Buy Norman – 3d Print files

Norman is a 3d printed robot powered by off the shelf 180 degree servos and an Arduino Mega.

The platform is designed to be printed on an entry level 150 x 150 x 150 3d printer. Sample programs are supplied to allow walking, turning, moving arms, closing hands.

You can purchase the 3d Print files below for just $39 AUD.

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A total of 31 pieces

2 x feet
2 x feet tendons
2 x lower legs
2 x lower leg tendons
2 x thighs
2 x thigh tendons
2 x hips
2 x hip tendons
1 x torso

2 x forearms
2 x hand clasp
2 x hand clasp tendons
2 x biceps
2 x bicep tendons
2 x shoulder
2 x shoulder tendons

You will need to purchase the following to complete a Norman Robot. THESE ARE NOT INCLUDED.

Arduino Mega board
Arduino Mega board
Mega Sensor Expansion Shield
28 x 4mm x 20mm bolts
28 x 4mm nylon nuts
Servo extension cables (optional but recommended)
Buy Now: 39.00 AUD

Files included in the plans.

Arduino Mega board
Mega Sensor Expansion Shield
16 x Micro Metal Gear Servo
16 x Servo Extension cables (Optional)